Your Guide to a Guy Fawkes Feast

With Autumn in full swing November 5th is fast approaching so get your friends round and cook up a feast of fire-themed treats. Whether it’s all about crowd pleasing with the whole street squeezed into your back garden or just a few sparklers with the kids, perfect your menu to keep your guests warm while the fireworks do their thing.


Tasty Treats

Crack out the sugar and cook up your own Cinder Toffee! Once cool you could even coat in chocolate-if the kids are patient enough!

What better time to grab some skewers and create some sugary, sickly sandwiches? Toast your marshmallows and stick between two chocolate digestives to make your own Smores snacks.

Tempting Tipples

Keep the little ones bellies warm with a host of chocolately tipples. Ramp up the heat with a dash of cinnamon or orange syrup or keep things as fresh as the November air with a mint hot chocolate.

And finally for those needing something a bit stronger, fill a flask full of an old favourite-Hot Toddy. The combination of whiskey, honey, lemon, cinnamon and cloves will warm the group from inside out as they brave the Autumn air.


Bonfire Belly Fillers

Needing something quick and easy that’s going to be a sure-fire (pardon the pun) hit with all your guests? Butter some buns, get some sausages sizzling and leave everyone to help themselves while you’re supervising that all-important bonfire.

Shepherds Pie Potatoes

Mix up a mixture of mince, carrots, peas any other veg, add a drop of gravy and serve in hollowed-out baked potato skins. Pop the potato on top and sprinkle with cheese for a tasty tummy filling snack!

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