Best Food to serve at a Wedding Reception

We are always meeting new Couples who are looking for beautiful Wedding Catering in the Yorkshire Dales, and we are often asked the same question: ‘What is the best food to serve at a wedding reception?’  Now the answer to this is very different per couple but over the years we have come up with some answers that always stay the same which we will share with you now.

The food you serve should reflect your personality!

We like to create bespoke menus for our weddings, if you adore spicy Mexican tacos and Guacamole as a couple, then surely that should be part of your wedding menu.  Use this opportunity to be creative and create something truly delicious for your guests.


Weddings are busy days for everyone, people spend ages getting ready, sorting out children, travelling to the destination and they always forget to eat breakfast! Make sure your guests tummies are not rumbling by making sure there are snacks and canapes available after the ceremony, this will surely keep your guests happy when you are off having some beautiful pictures taken. And panic not, we will always keep a few canapes back for you to enjoy once you have had your pictures taken!

Food Stations

Food Stations are a huge trend in the wedding catering industry and can be a really effective way to impress your guests and keep hunger at bay!  It could be a ‘Pick n Mix’ stand for those guests with a sweet tooth, or maybe a Pizza Bar if you are having a less formal celebration.  Remember it does not have to be a three course sit down Wedding Breakfast if you do not want it to be, it is your day and the food should reflect that!

Sweet Canapes

Now this comes with a seal of Royal Approval and you cannot get a greater endorsement than that!  Harry and Megan served a range of Sweet Canapes for dessert at their wedding and we think it is a brilliant idea!  Megan and Harry served Miniature rhubarb crumble tartlets, Orange crème brûlée tartlets and Champagne and pistachio macaroons!  Why not create your own Pudding menu based off your family favourites and we are certain you will impress your guests with a delicious sweet treat!

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Posted on: July 2, 2018, by : fairhursts